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Randolph High School Band Staff

Mr. Nick Fantazzi

Director of Bands

Mr. Michael Lichtenfeld

Associate Director of Bands

Mr. Peter Norell

RHS Brass Instructor/RMS 8th Grade Band Director

Mr. Anthony Eskin

RHS Percussion Coordinator/RMS 7th Grade Band Director

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Additional Marching Band Staff

Mrs. Samantha Piepoli

Associate Marching Band Director

Mr. Vince DeVito

Assistant Marching Band Director

Mrs. Stephanie Fantazzi

Head Colorguard Instructor/Designer

Ms. Michelle Rogers

Colorguard Instructor

Ms. Hannah Creighton

Colorguard Instructor

Ms. Samantha Bream

Front Ensemble Instructor

Ms. Brigid Heitmann

Winds Instructor

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